Who is lil chuckee dating

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Who is lil chuckee dating

Now, we have been hearing that he has joined a new label. Since leaving Young money, he has added two mix tapes “Overdue (2014)” and “Leborn of My Time (2013)” to his already popular collection, and that makes him the creator of 7 mixtapes in total.

Four years ago this announcement was made that a super model and also a dancer is dating this rapper.

Just for instance, his 2013’s mixtape “Leborn of My Time” saw contribution from various popular artists including 2chainz, Yo Gutti, Justin Biber and M.r. These days we have been hearing a lots of rumors about Young money and Cash Money. The rumors include Cash money and Young money splitting up, Lil asking for exit from Cash money, crew management problem related to Cash money plus Young money, Torin Seller suing Young money, and what not.

See, if you have any idea about a soccer league, you will have idea about how an artist and label functions.

Rashad Ballard, better known as Lil Chuckee, is a teenage rapper from New Orleans.

He currently lives in Atlanta because of the Katrina disaster though he did not let this stop his ambition to become a rapper.

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Not only that, he appeared in various Young money videos while he was with the label, and he has released numerous collaboration remix songs as well.