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But then I'm 38, I guess if I was 17 it would be different Not sure if it against the law but I dont see why an adult would want to "chat" to a 16 year old or anyone under that age over the tinternet especially of they did not know them :confused: I am only 27 & would definately feel very uncomfortable in talking to a 16 year old on the live in an age of witch hunting over sexual exploitation of children (read the thread about the university professor who has recently been to court and sentenced to 150hrs community service when he was shopped by the staff at a photoprocessing lab for taking pics of kids with their parents present and at said perents' request)... anybody who steps over the line from the white area to the grey area over this is just asking for trouble - and they could find that if a random accusation was made, any texts, emails, or messenger conversations will only serve as 'evidence' of 'grooming'You should not be talking in a sexual way to under 16s, its certainly not right and I should think there is a law somewhere that covers it. I've been approached by a seventeen year old on here who wanted to talk to me about some issues she believed I may relate to I eventually reluctantly added her on messenger, but given that I'm old enough to be her mum it did feel weird talking to her at first, and I was very wary of topics discussed Young girls can be somewhat naive when testing out their effect on the opposite sex, so it's all too easy to be led into conversations which are inappropriate - and it's the adult who should be drawing the lines there! I meant practically every other post on the thread.I wound up internet stalking this friend to prove a point when she told me she was flirting with somebody else she'd not met online I showed her all the instances I could find of her online (thank you google), finishing with showing her a map of where she lives - so if she thought she was safe teasing a bloke who was 'threatening' to come round and see her, whilst she's home on her own.... I think I know what the issue is If you're chatting to a young person in this vein, you can't guarantee who they will or won't relay (brag about) this to If that person then chooses to report this to the police as they deem it inappropriate, you can wind up with a smudge on your record that can never be removed, as (thanks to Ian Huntley's case) all instances of such reports are kept now Ian Huntley was reported for numerous misdemeanours prior to the murders he committed whilst a caretaker at a school, but those reports were wiped as they were unproven - hence the change in the law I think talking about bunny rabbits with an underage girl would not be illegal. We are having an adult discussion about the boundaries involved with talking online to young people...don't get het up and ratty about it.Warning signs include: The first step to overcoming cyber sex addiction is to recognize that the problem exists.

Cyber sex addiction has the same characteristics as any other addiction. A person with addiction to cyber sex feels cravings for an online "fix" much like an alcoholic craves a drink.

Was ok,but I didnt do it for long as I found out I was pregnant and didnt fancy doing it after that.

I would go back to it without a problem but ds still doesnt sleep through the night and I think a baby crying in the back ground may be off putting to some men!!!!

Lynn Snowden, AOL’s “Live Girl,” has been doing it since March 1996.

Snowden, 40, hosts a weekly chat on hot topics, ranging from bisexuality to infidelity.

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With the increasing popularity of the Internet and the easy availability of pornographic websites, cyber sex addiction is becoming a problem.

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