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Dating furniture casters

From 1830 onwards most chairs and sofas were upholstered with coiled metal springs covered with padding and webbing, making them far more comfortable.

In general when examining original crisp edges on wooden objects, they have only been slightly worn from wear and the ravages of time when compared to a faker who tends to over-round these areas, unconsciencely going to excesses of the original hoping to make his point.

During the 17th century, chairs were made with upholstered seats. From the mid 18th century onwards fashions for seatings were established by the designs of the leading furniture makers such as Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite and Thomas Sheraton.

Chair Styles Chairs began as basic oak stools and settle.

The path to the genuine is passing by way of all the frauds. It is the object many buyers fear most but is in fact the one they need fear least.

After most fakes are assembled, they are attacked by denting, bruising and gouging out areas of some primitive furniture to simulate being handmade.

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