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Your chatterbox son now answers your questions with a sullen "yes" or "no." Your charming daughter won't go to the store with you at all anymore. This emotional separation allows them to become well-adjusted adults. When kids have done something wrong, we hope they feel bad, we hope they feel guilty." 10. Your actions -- even more than your words -- are critical in helping teens adopt good moral and ethical standards, says Elkind.

It's natural -- and important -- for kids to break away from their parents at this age.

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Hi, I am Nikki, mum to two gorgeous teen girls - lover of all things coffee and chocolate - passionate about natural therapies, feng shui and the beach - collector of make up, shoes and handbags - author of two books - never say no to champagne and a neat freak at heart!

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You can’t change your ex, but you can change the way you interact with them.

Nadine Kaslow, Ph D, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University. "But if it means he's going out with a bad crowd, that's another thing," says Elkind. "Purple hair, a messy room -- those don't matter." Don't nitpick. "It's the old adage, you catch more bears with honey than vinegar. Share a few tidbits about your own day; ask about theirs. If the kid says it isn't fair, then you have to agree on what is fair punishment. Whether it’s on the playground or at the bus stop, a common topic of conversation among parents is how challenging it has become to raise young girls.I want them to grow up and become passionate, successful and live amazing lives.Everything I teach them now and have done so in the past is already forming who they will become.

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Yet these must be among the most difficult years for any parent. "I think too much is made about self-esteem," says Elkind. But people should feel bad if they have hurt someone or done something wrong. If they have a good role model from early on, they will be less likely to make bad decisions in their rebellious teen years.

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